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Custom Orders

What are custom orders?

One of the services we provide here at Embloom is custom orders. A custom order is when we custom make or personalise a floral design to your liking. Whether that be through the use of your favourite flowers, a colour palette that matches in with your home, or a memento like a photograph that holds a special memory, we will work with you to create something unique and magical for your loved one or yourself. 

Beautiful & exquisite pieces made for you and your home

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How to place an order

Placing a custom order is simple. We even have an easy online form you can fill out (or you can send us a direct message through our socials). To order your custom made floral design, we request the following details: 
Design (eg. Arrangement, dome), colour palette, budget, rough sizing (tall, wide) and date. 

If you’re not quite sure where to start with your custom order, that’s okay! We are here to help and can suggest ideas to you to help guide you along your custom journey. 

Pricing guide

Every floral design of ours is priced accordingly to the amount of stems used in a design, the base/wrapping of the design and the time (labour) it takes to create a design. A smaller pot of blooms could be at a higher price point than one of our medium arrangements if it includes any premium priced stems in the design. Flowers such as preserved roses, phalenopsis orchids, some sola flowers and silk flowers are at a higher price point than others.

Please see below a rough pricing guide for our ceramic arrangements. For other types of custom arrangements, please enquire using the button below.

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$115 - $150


DSC_0843 2022-12-23 02_08_38
$80 - $100


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Let's create in your very own vessel...

Did you know, that we can create floral arrangements up in your very own vessel? If you have a fancy vase at home, or a ceramic base laying around, we can use it to create a unique floral design for your space. To organise a custom order like this, we request the dimensions of your vase/ceramic base. Then from there we can let you know what price range you would be looking at to have your vase filled with florals. Then from there we can organise colour palette, rough sizing (height, width), a date/time to drop off your vase and date/time to collect your new floral arrangement.

Are you interested in having something bespoke created?

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